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Terms & conditions

This Agreement governs the relationship between the Affiliate Program (the Program) and the participants of the Program (Affiliates). The Agreement is the principal document that defines the rights, obligations, and rules of interaction between the Parties.

An individual or a legal entity acting as an authorized representative, in accordance with the state legislation, can be a participant or Affiliate of the Program.

By agreeing to all the provisions of this Agreement and accepting its terms, the Affiliate confirms their registration on the Affiliate Program website.

The Program reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement. Notification of the Affiliates about any changes made is not mandatory.

Affiliates of the Program undertake to regularly familiarize themselves with the current version of the Agreement. If any provisions of the Agreement are unacceptable to the Affiliate, they have the right to suspend their participation in the Program and seek additional clarifications from the Program’s managers.

Agreement Terminology

  • Program: The website affstream.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) where Affiliates and the Program interact and engage in business cooperation. Any inquiries regarding participation in or operation of the program can be directed to the email team@affstream.com.
  • Affiliate: An individual of legal age, a legal entity, or an authorized representative of a legal entity who attracts clients or users to the Program’s website. The status of an Affiliate is not influenced by place of residence, registration, or other factors.
  • Personal Account: A section of the Program where the participating Affiliate manages internal Program resources and their personal account.
  • Commission: Regular monetary payment made to the Affiliate. The total payout amount is calculated based on the Program’s current rates and is subject to change.

Program Registration Procedure

  • The Program Affiliate must fully complete the registration form. By registering, the Affiliate agrees to the terms of this Agreement and confirms the following facts: the accuracy of the provided personal and commercial information, reaching the legal age, and agreement with all the provisions of this Agreement.
  • Upon completing the registration process, the Affiliate is provided with a personal login and password to access their Personal Account. The Personal Account can be used to select advertising offers, work with them, view analytics on advertising campaigns, and edit personal data.
  • The Affiliate is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login and password. The Affiliate is also responsible for all actions taken in their Personal Account when authenticated with their login and password.
  • To effectively attract clients/users as an Affiliate, the Program provides advertising and informational materials. However, the Affiliate cannot modify these materials without prior agreement with the Program. Any modifications must be approved in writing through the Ticket system in the Personal Account.
  • The use of inaccurate and unapproved information about the Program’s services is prohibited. Any information not provided on the website must be approved in writing through the Ticket system in the Personal Account before its use.

Program and Its Usage Procedure

  • Registered Affiliates of the Program can use it based on this Agreement.
  • Cooperation schemes on the Program’s website define the rules and procedures for providing services to Affiliates in achieving goals, including attracting clients, viewing information, registration, using services, purchasing goods, etc.
  • The Program has the right to establish limitations and change the rules for providing services and using the Program, notifying Affiliates in advance.
  • The Program is not responsible for technical failures on its website caused by third-party actions or force majeure circumstances.
  • The Program is not responsible for technical failures or issues on advertiser websites.
  • The Program is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of the Affiliate’s participation in the Program.
  • The Program has the right to monitor the Affiliate’s use of Program resources at any time.
  • The Partner shall not use the Program to engage in activities prohibited within the territory of________________and contrary to its legislation.
  • Non-compliance with the terms of the Agreement may result in its termination by the Program unilaterally without payment of the Partner’s Remuneration.
  • The Program may use statistical data of the Partner’s work for its own analytics and publications without additional coordination and payment of Remuneration.
  • Without prior approval from the Program managers, the Partner cannot create additional accounts (hereinafter referred to as “multi-accounting”). If Program representatives discover additional User accounts, they will be deleted and blocked without any payment made.

Partner’s Obligations

  • The Partner undertakes to honestly and impartially fulfill all the conditions of this Agreement.
  • The Partner must provide accurate and up-to-date information when creating a Personal Cabinet in the Program.
  • The Partner may use the Program while respecting intellectual and legal rights to any information and resources posted on Partner websites/resources/advertisements.
  • In the event of any changes to personal or other data, the Partner must promptly notify the Program within 5 (five) business days from the date of the changes. If the Partner fails to provide accurate information within this period, the Program shall not be held responsible for any potential losses and consequences associated with it. When changing payment details in the Personal Cabinet, the Partner must notify the Program representatives within 1 (one) calendar day by sending a ticket through the Ticketing system in the Personal Cabinet.
  • The Partner’s website/resource/advertisement must not contain content and/or links to other sites/channels/accounts/other resources that contain defamatory or offensive information. Content of indecent nature and/or violating the right to privacy, rights of third parties, or intellectual property rights is prohibited. It is also prohibited to post information that violates the current legislation of the______________, other domestic legislation, or international norms.
  • Partners are prohibited from using fraud, incentivized traffic, multi-accounting, and other technologies or tools that affect the statistics and monetary reward of the Partner. Additional conditions must be agreed upon through offers from advertisers in the Program. If the Partner uses the mentioned prohibited traffic types, they may be disconnected from the Program, with their Personal Cabinet blocked without any payment of Remuneration.
  • The Partner cannot use the following traffic acquisition methods in pre-landers and advertising informational materials: false promises of cash winnings and valuable prizes or other scams; messages promising winnings on behalf of government bodies and other organizations; requests to enter payment requisites and their collection.

Mail for communication: team@affstream.com