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New update Keitaro 10.2 beta

New update Keitaro 10.2 beta

Our friends from Keitaro Tracker have introduced a new update – Keitaro 10.2 beta. It is one o…

Regulation of Gambling Brazil

Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies gives final approval for the regulation of gambling

Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies has granted final approval for the regulation of gambling, markin…

Regulations for Influencers

Regulations for Influencers: Brazilian Committee approves ban on influencers advertising unregulated betting platforms

In a significant move, Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies Communication Committee has approved a pro…


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Interview with Olya Ashykhmina Head of the first finance platform in Ukraine

Swanker.Club is the first finance/forex platform that allows affiliates, brokers, and partner progra...

Affiliate conferences and marketing strategies: Interview with CMO about Sigma Malta 2023

Affiliate conferences and marketing strategies: Interview with CMO about Sigma Malta 2023

In the realm of Affiliate Marketing, numerous events unfold each year, ranging from conferences to m...

Holy traff

Interview with rising media in the Ukrainian affiliate community – PR Kateryna Stavichenko HolyTraff

The Ukrainian affiliate community is rapidly growing and evolving, leading to an increase in young m...


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HideClick cloaking service (1)

Guide to working with the HideClick cloaking service

The HideClick cloaking service offers lots of useful features, advanced filters and setting it up is...

event traffic for affiliate

Where to buy event traffic and how to monetize it

There are several ways to pour traffic in gambling, and event traffic is considered one of the most...

CPA and RevShare Payment models

CPA and RevShare: Review of the most popular payment models in gambling

RevShare and CPA are popular payment models used in the gambling vertical. Most often those are the...


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Traffic driving review and recommendations for the KTO Casino

The KTO casino boasts one of the most impressive game libraries in the gambling market. At KTO Casin...


Review of the Binom tracker. Version 2.0 Upgrade.

Binom help us find a bundle that converts, conduct deep analytics to optimize our ad campaigns, dist...


Review of BetLion ZM

The BetLion brand has become an outstanding player in the industry, offering various sports markets,...

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