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Interview with rising media in the Ukrainian affiliate community – PR Kateryna Stavichenko HolyTraff

The Ukrainian affiliate community is rapidly growing and evolving, leading to an increase in young media and original formats. Everyone is striving to stand out and broadcast the most interesting and relevant topics to the audience.

One of the “fresh blood” in the media space this year became – HolyTraff. The editorial team boldly claims that they are not tied to any company or team, yet they know everything about them. They uncover the truth, dispel myths, can bypass any NDA, and impartially introduce rising stars in the affiliate sphere.

More details about this will be shared by HolyTraff’s PR  – Kateryna.

Let’s start by getting to know each other a bit. Tell me a little about yourself, how long have you been working in affiliate, and what were you doing before appearing in the shot HolyTraff?

I’ve never worked in the affiliate sphere before this, which is why I look interesting on-screen. I ask the questions that people within the industry might never have thought to ask because they consider them obvious, but I’m curious about everything and everyone. However, I do study a lot of information, prepare for interviews, and constantly strive to stay updated with the latest trends. That’s why our media is watched by newcomers and experts.

Kate, tell us what HolyTraff means to you?

For me personally, HolyTraff is my life. I dedicate all of myself to it – my time, energy, thoughts, faith, and love. For our entire team, it’s more than just a job. We are all passionate about this project.

What is your team’s mission?

The mission of the HolyTraff affiliate community is to shed light on the affiliate sphere as it truly is. We are independent, not affiliated with any particular company, unbiased, and thus capable of telling the truth.

How many people are currently working on illuminating the affiliate sphere and telling the truth about it?

There are 5 of us. Like in any startup, each of us does everything: filming, editing, brainstorming, we don’t sleep at night, and we work on weekends. I am the main interviewer, editor, PR, and SMM. You know, I’m so passionate about this project that I don’t want and won’t confine myself to just one role.

If I can go to a sex shop for props, establish partnerships, and edit a 40-minute video, then I do it. Just like everyone else in our team. We are united in this cause, and it helps us confidently move forward.

What would you highlight as your main feature? Why does the community read and follow you?

I think it’s because we showcase new heroes. Our platform is for those who want to promote their product using a personal brand because behind every bright brand, there’s hard work and people. We write about them, engage with them, and communicate. We interview bright, key personalities of companies and teams.

What is the main platform where one can view your content?

We create content for the YouTube platform, but we also publish some fragments/videos/news across all our social media networks.

Holy Traff

Perhaps you’ll share some exclusive details on what to expect from you in the near future?

Before the New Year, we plan to launch another format on YouTube and are actively preparing for it. It will break all the patterns, and complete the testosterone bomb. It’s absolutely unlike any party format or a day with an owner, it’ll be something that hasn’t been seen on YouTube in any sphere, not just in affiliate.

One of your formats on YouTube is reviews of conferences and events. Share which event has been the most productive and memorable for you? Which one event would you recommend attending?

The most productive one for us was undoubtedly Sempro, we made a lot of connections and partnerships there. However, I’d recommend attending the international conference Sigma, which will broaden your horizons and thinking.

Tell about the most memorable or fuck up moment during filming?

The most memorable moment was during the Helloween party by G.gate. It wasn’t a conference but a party, and during my first interview, I realized I couldn’t hear what the person was responding to me. No matter how loudly we shouted, the sound was terrible. Also, my goal was to interview Vika Bakalova and Alex Slobodzhenko.

Vika gave an excellent interview, but it wasn’t without difficulties. In the end, our microphone sound wasn’t recorded, and Sasha Slobodzhenko politely refused about 50 times.

However, I didn’t give up and continued interviewing and interacting with the party guests. This is the most memorable because mishaps give more emotions than when everything goes according to plan. I experienced such a huge range of negative emotions and feelings that today it’s a very cool foundation for me as an interviewer to become even better and more resilient.

And finally, share with our readers your plans for the future?

We have plans, lots of them, there will be many surprises, but I won’t announce them yet. Follow our channel and news – you’ll see everything for yourself.