New update Keitaro 10.2 beta

New update Keitaro 10.2 beta

Our friends from Keitaro Tracker have introduced a new update – Keitaro 10.2 beta. It is one of the most popular ad trackers on the market, used by thousands of affiliates and media buyers. In this update, as always, you can expect improvements, fixes, and a new feature – Multi-Offers. Less effort – more efficiency and higher ROI.

What’s new in Keitaro 10.2 beta?

Multi-Offers. This new feature eliminates the need to create copies of similar landing pages for split tests. An additional option to choose an offer before the click and transferring pre-set parameters will make your work easier and more convenient.

new feature - Multi-Offers

Updated Facebook, TikTok, and Google Ads Integrations. Now, you can transfer conversion data from the tracker to traffic sources to significantly optimize your advertising campaigns.

Updated Facebook, TikTok, and Google Ads Integrations

Improvements and Bug Fixes. S2S macros, a new 404 page, group sorting by ID, and other enhancements alongside many bug fixes.

Also, before the release, integration with the AnyBill virtual card service was added, allowing for the direct transfer of expenses to the tracker.

You can find more detailed information about the 10.2 beta version in the Keitaro Tracker blog.

Bonus from Affstream

The 10.2 beta update is already available to all tracker users, and for others, we recommend starting with a 14-day trial. Use our promo code AFFSTREAM for 20% discount on first purchase.

Try out the new Keitaro features today and take your advertising campaigns to a new level in 2024!