Latest Google Ads updates for affiliates
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Latest Google Ads updates for affiliates

Google Ads is constantly evolving to enhance the user experience as well as the performance of their ad campaigns. Today we’ll take a look at the new features, improvements for statistics and A/B testing, and new ad formats, that will help affiliate marketers achieve success.

New features for affiliates

Global Google tag

The global tag is now a Google tag, making it easier to track conversions without additional code for Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Attribution Modeling

Google has moved some accounts over to a historical attribution model to accurately measure conversions. It’s best to go over the guidelines for this attribution in advance and opt out if need be.

Cookies no longer supported

3rd party cookies will no longer be supported in the second half of 2024. Affiliates should get ready to work without them and save their data in advance. 

Cookies no longer supported


A text-to-speech feature was added, letting advertisers create natural-sounding ads. 

UI update

The Google Ads interface has been updated to facilitate navigating it, including new sections, and now has an All campaigns button.

Stat improvements

The latest updates include advanced analytics to help you optimize your campaigns and reduce costs for poorly-performing keywords.

Stat improvements

A/B testing update

Google Ads is updating its A/B testing functionality, improving the accuracy of tests to determine ad performance and the ability to launch tests for different audiences.

A/B testing update

New interactive ad formats

Google Ads introduced new interactive ad formats, including videos, graphs, animations, stories, VR and AR and also polls. The introduction of such formats may require investing additional funds into unique creative solutions.


These Google Ads updates offer new ad campaign optimization opportunities. That’s why it’s vital you get ready for these innovative features and test them out to make sure you secure the results you need. 

Lots of conversions and massive profits!