Review of the Binom tracker. Version 2.0 Upgrade.

Binom help us find a bundle that converts, conduct deep analytics to optimize our ad campaigns, distribute and filter traffic, as well as enable us to perform A/B tests effectively. Binom deals with most of these tasks — it is a universal and professional solution tailored to deal with a wide spectrum of affiliate marketing tasks. In this review, we’ll cover the main capabilities of Binom, as well as its recent updates that webmasters can make use of.  


Binom advantages

Binom is self-hosted tracker, characterized by high click-processing and report-generating speeds. You install it on your VPS or dedicated server, ensuring impressive data confidentiality and a high degree of control, unlike cloud trackers.

The tracker stands out from its competitors thanks to a number of features:  

  • Payment is charged for license type, regardless of traffic volumes. No need to pay for each individual click. 
  • Large volumes supported. Binom processes millions of clicks each day, without sacrificing performance.
  • Each click processed 5-7 ms. No long redirects or traffic losses.
  • Instantly-generating activity reports. The affiliate is always aware of the performance of their ad campaign, no need to wait forever for the report to load.
  • Teamwork mode for reports and campaigns. You can distribute roles and manage access levels for different team members. 
  • Constant updates. Updates are installed automatically, the affiliate doesn’t need to add or customize them manually each time.
  • User-friendly and convenient interface. Binom is perfectly suitable for newcomer webmasters and doesn’t take a long time to get the hang of.  
  • Responsive tech support. You can get in touch with the support team via live-chat or Telegram. Work hours: from 9:00 to 23:00 PM.

Binom version 2.0 Upgrade

Binom Version 2 is an updated and improved Binom tracker. It’s a platform capable of processing hundreds of millions of clicks daily without having to sacrifice speed and report reliability. 


The new Binom is able to process 15 times more traffic that its older version. One server can redirect up to 8 billion clicks per month, depending on its specific technical capabilities. 


The new version offers the following features:

  • 30 tokens instead of 10 for sources. No need to merge ad network tags to fit into the restrictions in the new version.
  • 30 events instead of 10 for traffic analytics. You can track user activity, check for bots, and classify subscriptions to push notifications and chatbots as individual events.
  • Additional reports. Reports are now grouped according to 5 parameters, instead of 3. Added a Drag-and-Drop feature to organize your data into desired groups. This eliminates the need for extensive clicking and data management in third-party programs.
  • Adding new domains without server access. Easily add new domains through the domains tab without using the console. Binom automatically configures server settings and issues SSL certificates.
  • Searching for and creating reports on campaigns, offers, landings and IDs, better filters. You can select several groups, affiliate programs, countries and sources.
  • New Type of distribution model — top to bottom. Interaction model using the following as an example 2 paths — 2 landing — 2 offers: the user will see each landing in turns. Path 1 – landing 1, path 1 – landing 2, path 2 – landing 1, path 2 – landing 2. After that, they’ll take turns seeing offers within the paths the landings are located on. 
  • Binom v2 status models. A status scheme constructor has been introduced for processing lead statuses (Settings > Postback processing). Download the E-commerce status scheme suitable for e-com and nutra, and create additional schemes for other niches as needed. Link status schemes to specific affiliate networks or campaigns.

How do I upgrade from version 1.0 to version 2.0?

Affiliates using version 1 can seamlessly switch to version 2 while retaining all their settings, campaigns, landing pages, offers, rotations, users, and links. Note that it is not possible to transfer the tracker completely or install version 2 on top of version 1 due to different architectures. You can move over to Binom Version 2 smoothly by starting to launch and set up campaigns in the newer version. You get a 14 demo-access period, during which you can upgrade at no additional cost. Contact the support service to extend this period to 30 days. 

Prices for version 2: $149 / month or $1,251 / year (discount available when paying for a whole year). 



Binom is a versatile tracker suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals. Boasting redirectless tracking, a filter system, detailed reports, and responsive technical support, Binom is an ideal solution for affiliates across various verticals. Renowned for its industry-leading traffic processing speed, Binom delivers in-depth reports, facilitating swift campaign optimization and scaling. The recently introduced Version 2 expands the horizons for managing large volumes, enabling advertisers to achieve remarkable ROI.