event traffic for affiliate

Where to buy event traffic and how to monetize it

There are several ways to pour traffic in gambling, and event traffic is considered one of the most effective. This is often an underrated technique because either not everyone knows about it, or they consider it unsuitable for the niche. Let’s understand the features of this type of traffic, how to get it, what are the advantages, and important things to consider.

What is Event or News Traffic?

Event traffic usually goes to an article, advertisement or news, most often due to a trending or hyped-up event. For example, this could be a holiday like Black Friday, New Year, the launch of a new fashion product, the release of a sensational film, or political elections.

The event does not have to be on a large scale. Every niche or community of people with certain interests has its local events. For example, for marketing specialists, these could be professional conferences, for pet lovers –  exhibitions, for lawyers – fundamental changes in legislation.

You can track the news using:

  1. bloggers and influencers by reading their publications;
  2. news sites, local television, and other media;
  3. analysis, tracking of competitors, and their news feeds;
  4. Google Trends and open analytical platforms.

There’s one thing about event traffic: an article, advertisement or news related to an event will receive traffic as long as the event is relevant. As soon as the relevance disappears, the traffic will stop. This relevance can go down at any moment; it’s difficult to predict.

It is important to consider this when planning a strategy, to combine using event traffic with other approaches, so as not to suddenly be left without profit.

What verticals can it be fit to?

Event or news traffic fits almost into any vertical. But it can bring excellent profit in gambling and betting. There are several reasons for this:

  • News and event traffic is related to the wow effect. The trigger of curiosity is activated, the desire to find out the news to the end. People looking for easy, quick money and fun are more likely to click on news that someone has won.
  • When there’s an upcoming holidays, people relax more, there are more days off, and therefore the chances of making deposits in the casino increase.
  • Many players looking for profit and earnings also place bets on sports while playing in a casino. A high-profile sporting event may prompt you to register at a new casino and make a deposit again.
  • Experienced casino players are constantly looking for new emotions and experiences. You can show off a new popular game or slot as news, or the opening of a new casino project.
  • Ease of finding information sources. for a particular holiday, you can link the payment of bonuses and free spins. For example, use messages like “Today only, to celebrate Independence Day, we are giving a $1000 bonus on your first deposit!

Preparation and choosing an offer for flooding event traffic

When working with news or event traffic, it is important to adhere to a strategy and a clear structure. The offer can be anything, but you need to study it, request additional information from the manager on audience, geo, and insights.

Thus, in Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries, the main pain of the audience is the desire to earn money. People also go to casinos to relax after a hard day of work. To make the news catchy, it is important to consider the emotions and pain of the audience. For example, to show that the offer really gives an opportunity to win, that the casino is honest, and that the player will receive bonuses upon registration. Storytelling works well – an ordinary person with a small salary won and was able to provide for their family.

In Tier-1 people play because they want to experience drive and new emotions. They may be hooked by news about the appearance of a new game or that a local celebrity recommends a particular casino as high-status and prestigious.

You can work with event or news traffic in several ways, for example:

  • Create your own news website, which will contain only news. This is a rather labor-intensive project, since the news lasts only a few days, they need to be constantly updated, you need to look for new feeds, and employ writers. But in the future, such a project might collect the cream of the crop.
  • Attract audience to your personal website through SEO traffic, for example with casino reviews. If a website regularly posts news containing keywords, it will rank better. Casino players looking for news can be directed to landing pages.
  • Prepare a showcase website with news that is dedicated to a future event. For example, an event in the world of betting, a championship. To prepare such a website, you will need to create a calendar of upcoming events and focus on them. Another option is to prepare a doorway grid for better promotion.
  • Buy news traffic from advertising networks. For example, an arbitrator can use a teaser network, set the geo, device type, operating system, and provider in the settings. With this approach, it is important to monitor the effectiveness of websites and timely place ineffective ones on blacklists.

In some cases, the audience will need to be warmed up. Depending on the source, cold or warm customers may come to the news. From advertising networks, people switch to news out of curiosity, and it doesn’t mean they will make a deposit right away – it is important to warm them up. All stages of the funnel should be in the same style, and the name of the casino and games should be the same everywhere – this is important for building trust.

Visitors to websites where the webmaster attracts SEO traffic are, on the contrary, warmer. They are looking for new games and entertainment on purpose, and they need to be attracted by the benefits and bonuses that they will receive at a casino.

What approaches can be used in news – examples:

  • news that a person has won a large sum in a casino or has found a scheme to beat the casino;
  • news about the launch of a new casino or a new game;
  • news about bonuses, promotions, free spins – for example, to mark a holiday or sports match, The Olympics;
  • fake news, for example about the legalization of poker in some geographies;
  • news interview with an expert – for example, a famous geo personality shared the successes of their game.


Event or news traffic is a good way to attract and warm up an audience in gambling. People looking for online entertainment and ways to make money willingly click on such news. If there is an event coming up in the world of gambling or betting, or a holiday, you can add news and information to it, causing more motivation for the target audience to try the game.

It is important to consider that, despite its apparent simplicity, working with event traffic requires a strategic approach and a well-thought-out funnel. There are several ways to attract this type of traffic, depending on the time, budget and preferences of affiliates.